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Why you should Choose Ticker Apollo


The Stable risk profile offers a low level of risk, making it suitable for conservative investors. With a minimum deposit of $5000, it aims to deliver a yearly performance of +40% with a historical maximum drawdown of 8%.


Minimum Deposit: $1000
Yearly Performance (APY): +40%
Historical max. drawdown: 8%
Risk level: Low
Profit factor: 1.75

It’s easier than ever to put your Money to work.

Keep your hands off Trading

The system monitors the market for you 24/7, automatically buying and selling crypto to generate a high return.

Guaranteed Results

We generate profit daily no matter the market conditions.

Zero Fee

Try using a strategy designed by professionals with no management fee. There is no fee unless earnings exceed 40% APY.

Check your investment performance biweekly!

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